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Matt Gresham was born in 1993.
At a very young age he had a love for computers and guitar.
On guitar he would imitate Buckethead and Blues and then later Gypsy Jazz
leading up to more impressionist gyspy guitar music later on.
At a start on computer he was writing polymorphic batch viruses to scripting
the coordinate plane into batch in order to graph a function or "shape."
He self-hosted his own proxy server and ftp server for access at his school.
He started using GNU at 14 years old in the form of Debian Standard. Matt
chatted on IRC using SCROLLZ and played Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
While he loved Halo he would soon discover the joy of Sauerbraten Cube 2 and Assault Cube.
Started using Trisquel around 2015 and launched in 2022.
Matt has used GNU Nano, but knows how to use GNU Emacs though not ultimately and
perfectly. The current variant of GNU that he uses is GNU Guix and regards systemd
as mere free software.
[I have used a distribution called Artix before, but dissented from it when it installed nonfree drivers for wireless devices/adaptors, linux-firmware package.]